Welcome to AMINATA FASHION, dedicated to the design, manufacture and retailing of a range of chic headwear and elegant garments, complementing discerning ladies with style with our unique and sophisticated designs.
“You look good, you feel great. You are special”

AMINATA FASHION was founded in Dubai, UAE in 2010 in response to the great interest generated by the first headwear article designed by the Company founder for her own comfort when golfing under the Middle East sunny and breezy.climate.

“Inspiration came from a need for something practical to provide eye shade but also to protect my complexion from the harsh sun and prevent my hair being blown around in the breeze but, most importantly, it had to be something uniquely stylish and attractive”


Aminata WATTS (Company Founder and Chief Designer)

The universally accepted American ‘baseball cap’ may be practical but it definitely does not qualify as ‘uniquely stylish and attractive’. Sophisticated and style-conscious ladies deserve better. Consequently, Aminata, whose natural, inherent talents with colour, forms and design were further developed during her earlier, successful career in top level, international modelling, created the very feminine and stylish “head scarf with integral eye-shading peak” which, subsequently, has been designated as ‘The Aminata Fashion’.

Highly practical, simple and chic, the basic designs lend themselves to infinite variations and combinations of colours, patterns, textures and textiles, an infinite number of variations to give the wearer that “I am special” feel.

With the increase in retail presence, the range of AMINATA FASHION fashion articles, all subject to the Chief Designer’s exacting requirements, also widened to include casual ladies garments, blouses, dresses, beachwear and bags. These accessories can be made available in sets to match with our stylish hat, cap and turban designs.

AMINATA FASHION is a UAE-based company and, to date, retail sales have been geographically concentrated within the UAE from our retail outlets in some of Dubai’s world renown, mega-malls including our store in Dubai Mall.

95% of our retail sales have been to international customers originating from outside the UAE and holidaying or transiting though Dubai, UAE.

AMINATA FASHION articles goods have reached all 4 corners of the world – most Middle Eastern countries, Russia, China and Far East, Southern Asia, Europe, North and South America, Canada and Australia.

Mostly popular with lady golfers at its origin, the ‘AMINATA FASHION’ peaked scarf headwear also provides practical elegance for all outdoor activities such as breezy yachting, lazy beach days or just chilling out poolside. But it’s not only Mums who need protection from the sun – they’re also great for youngsters of all ages to wear when out in the sun!

Bespoke designs can be provided at individual request or with Company logos or use as staff uniforms or corporate branding, corporate identity and promotional purposes.

At the beginning, the AMINATA FASHION product was retailed as individually commissioned articles but product popularity quickly led to a welcome but unexpected manufacturing and retail expansion. Retailing of the AMINATA FASHION headwear was extended to consignment sales at Golf Club Pro-shops and retail outlets at local Craft Fairs, Mall Fairs and Open markets throughout the UAE.

With international travel severely curtailed due to the current worldwide pandemic, our international customers, many of whom previously visited our Dubai Mall outlet regularly to purchase the latest models, can no longer travel as conveniently or as frequently as before.

To cater to our loyal customer base, worldwide AMINATA FASHION has launched its Online Shopping website:

We look forward to our online sales initiative serving our customers and to continue meeting our customers’ expectations with our stylish and quality goods and high level of Customer Satisfaction.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aminata WATTS  – Company Founder and Chief Designer